Coventry City – Does anyone care?

Another Saturday rolls around, and once again Coventry fans are left looking for something to do. The clubs decision to play their home games in Northampton has meant that most of the Sky Blues fans boycott the home games, leaving their weekends free to do whatever they please.

However there is only one thing that Coventry fans want to do. Watch their own team play in their own city.

They are being denied the chance to watch a young home-grown team who without the ten point deduction, would have been just one point of the play-offs. However recent form has seen just one win in seven, and the reality is the Sky Blues are now in a relegation battle, just 5 points of the drop zone.

Would they be in the situation if they played at the Ricoh? No. 1600 home fans turn up at Sixfields, just 10% of the the gates they were receiving at the Ricoh, This allows away teams to ‘take over’ the ground, and bully the young team on an overused and poor quality pitch.

But the problem lies deeper than a relegation battle. The FA Cup tie at Arsenal provided a platform for a protest. On the 35th minute, banners were raised with the word ‘WHY?’ on them. This was in reference to the fact that Northampton is 35 miles from Coventry. The footballing world applauded the protest,condemned the move and moved on. Because the Sky Blues do not play in the Premier League, the media do not care and nothing has changed. Coventry City still play in Northampton, being run by people with no consideration for the fans.

But onto the biggest problem of them all. The generation of fans that are missing out on supporting their local team, who will never feel the passion for Coventry that so many have. Being taken to a football game as a kid by your dad was how so many of us fell in love with the game. Either stood on a chair or sat on your dads shoulders just so you could see, this was where our passion was started.

But the passion is slowly fading for the 1987 cup winners. Supporters are getting on with their lives, going to watch different local teams. There are no young supporters falling in love with the Sky Blues and idolising their heroes.

For the City of Coventry, this is not just a temporary problem. why cov


2 thoughts on “Coventry City – Does anyone care?

  1. Good post. I have spent the season at Coventry Sphinx and have already developed a real connection with the club. The longer this goes on, the more fans Coventry City will lose on possibly a permanent basis

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